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7 Best Flowers and Plants for Your Cutting Garden

by | Sep 17, 2020

Michele Horn

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Is there anything better than a show-stopping bouquet that comes from a homemade garden? It has both beauty and sentimental value. In this post, we will go over seven of the best flowers and plants in order to have your cutting garden exploding with beauty. 
Bold Blossoms that Make a Statement

When it comes to big blooms that stand out from the crowd, the options are virtually endless. Peonies, White Cala Lillies, Dreaming SpiresSiberian iris are all voluminous blooms that will elevate your cutting garden and have it popping with color and beauty.


The sunflower is the flower that everybody stands in awe over. So tall, so radiant, so beautiful and so bright. It is the perfect addition to any cutting garden. Not only are they easy to grow, their cheerful flowers come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and forms.



If you ask us, zinnias are the backbone on which a cut garden should be built. These can be planted in several colors and really bring life to your homemade bouquets.

Filler plants

So-called filler plants like baby’s breath and coral bells with add different textures to your cutting garden and break up the texture of your homemade bouquets as well. Filler plants help create contrast and balance.

Tall or spiky blooms to add height and drama 

A bouquet should be about three times as tall as its vase. So, we need some height in our cutting gardens. The following flowers can help balance your floral arrangements and add some icing on the bouquet cake. Delphinium Pacific Giants Mix, ‘Elfin Pink,’ and ‘drumstick plants.’ 


Celosia is velvety and long-lasting and these flowers come in a variety of beautiful colors. These are another excellent choice for a homegrown bouquet. These guys are just as tall as they are beautiful— growing from two to four feet tall. Don’t forget some netting to straighten out their stems.


Most of these will grow as annuals. When started indoors and planted out after the last spring frost, this hardworking cut flower begins to bloom by mid-July and continues all summer long. These flowers are easy to grow. The Cherokee Sunset mix yields large four to five inch diameter flowers in rustic red, orange, bronze, yellow, and gold. Many of the flowers are doubled, but there are also single and semi-doubled flowers too — a truly beautiful mix.

Now that you know the seven most beautiful flowers to add to your cutting garden, we hope you plant some or all of them and enjoy their beauty as well as gifting their beauty in the form of bouquets to your friends and loved ones. Happy planting!

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