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Synthetic Turf Elevates Your Pool Experience

by | Sep 17, 2020

Synthetic turf is not just for the football field anymore. More and more people are choosing to add synthetic turf around their outdoor pools, why? Let’s get into that right now!

Perks of synthetic turf

  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • No need to water
  • Stays green forever
  • Increases your home’s value

Now we will dive deeper into synthetic turf’s benefits especially when it comes to swimming pools:

Synthetic Turf PoolEasier on your feet

We’ve all been there. You’re excited to jump into the pool, you kick your flip flops off and walk to the side of the pool when suddenly your feet are on fire! Concrete and brick surfaces can become hot, burning the sensitive soles of a child and adult’s feet. While synthetic turf will get warm outside, it won’t come anywhere near as close as being as hot as concrete. Plus, it’s soft and grassy, making walking on it feel like a dream.

Less clean up

One thing about grass is that it loves to stick to wet surfaces. When you switch to synthetic turf, you will no longer have to worry about the kids tracking grass into the pool and then into the house. Synthetic turf also eliminates the need for constant sweeping or cleaning of the deck or patio area, giving you more time to spend enjoying your pool instead of working on it.

Improves the appearance of the pool area

The right balance of synthetic turf and concrete can make a patio or deck pop against the rest of the home. The turf will stay green all year so, even when the pool is closed for the season, the area will still look pristine and green.

Synthetic Turf PoolGreat drainage

Another benefit of turn is that it drains completely.  After all of those cannon ball contests and pool parties, you don’t have to worry about puddles accumulating in the grass or worse, turning your yard into a mud bath. Instead, the turf will absorb all of the water up.


How many times have you told your kids not to run by the pool? Or shrieked as little Bobby went sliding across the slick concrete?  Artificial turf is a safe, non-slip surface, which makes it ideal for use around a pool area.

Artificial turf can be used in a number of ways to make your outdoor pool experience more enjoyable and looking better than ever. Plus, there’s less maintenance for you which means more time you can spend actually relaxing by the pool or swimming with your family. We say it’s a win-win. Plus…depending on what’s going on in your front yard, you may be able to get rid of that pesky lawnmower. At the very least, you will spend a lot less time mowing the lawn when you switch to synthetic turf. Interested in getting turf for your pool surround? We’ll happily help you out!


Scott Brooks

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