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River Rock Landscaping Ideas

by | Sep 23, 2021

When thinking about landscaping, a very popular option is to incorporate dry river rock into your landscaping. River rock is a beautiful landscaping idea for your home and is not only practical but versatile as well.

River Rock Landscaping IdeasRiver rock is made of smooth and beautifully colored rocks that can give your yard exactly what it needs. Whether you want your entire yard transformed into something spectacular or you’re just looking to add a little accent to your yard, river rocks are always a great addition to any lawn. However, if you know that you want river rocks but are unsure of how you can incorporate them into your lawn and what option you should choose, we’re here to help.

We’ll go over all the top ways that you can easily incorporate river rock into your lawn to give it exactly what it needs!

Use One Large Rock

Although many people opt for using smaller river rocks for their landscaping, it is optional to just choose one. You can emphasize any area of your lawn with one large river rock that will stand out and make your lawn look more natural. However, it’s not easy to find large natural river rocks, so you may have to use an artificial one. Large river rocks used in your lawn or garden can give it the natural touch that it needs.

Create A Beautiful Border

Perhaps one of the most common uses for river rock, you can create an artistic border for the edge of your garden. These borders are typically used at the edge of the garden where the grass stops growing and the beautiful small rocks add a stunning touch. These can be partial borders or fully wrap around the garden all around. Both options can add something unique and beautiful to your yard.

River Rock LandscapingA Gravel Pathway

When people first step onto your lawn you want to have something with emphasis that stands out. The perfect option for this is a gravel pathway made of river rocks that leads people out through your lawn. You can use stepping stones to walk on, with river rocks surrounding it to work as gravel. Not only is this a practical idea for your lawn or garden walkway, but it’s a truly beautiful one that will have people admiring it.

Retaining Wall

This option will require more work than the others listed here, but if you’re willing to put the labor in this can be a stunning addition to your lawn. Creating a retaining wall out of large river rocks can give a natural touch to your lawn. These will look unique and artistic as they are, but you can certainly add more to them by growing plants or adding smaller rocks at the bottom of the wall.

A Raised Garden Bed

A raised garden bed made out of stunning river rock is the perfect way to add a dramatic touch to your garden. By stacking the flat stones on top of one another and then giving your plants some elevation to change things up. The best part is that, if you like, this can be a DIY project. With the right knowledge and material, you can create a stunning raised garden bed out of river rock!

If installing some river rock is on your to-do list but you’re not sure you’re the one who should get it done, contact us for a quote today!

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