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Best Small Plants For Backyards

by | Dec 9, 2021

Having an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality landscape design is all about having the right plant at the right time and knowing how to properly care for them so that they flourish. This is the key to making sure that you have a lawn design that you love, is healthy, and looks stunning. For small gardens, you must-have plants that you know will do well in the soil and will do well with the weather adjusting and the amount of water and sunlight that they’ll receive.

These are plants that can tend to get lost if you plant them in a larger landscape, but with the proper maintenance in smaller landscapes, they can flourish. Proper plant selection can help you to get plants that won’t only add to your landscape but that is also suited for your landscape.

If you’ve been struggling to find small plants that will thrive in your backyard, we’ll help you with this comprehensive list.


These beautiful long-flowering perennials are stunning, with their gorgeous color and long stems. They’re gorgeous flowers that can add something to your yard and do best when they’re positioned in the full sun. They’re resilient flowers that will thrive in just about any situation, whether poor soil or all types of weather.

Nandina Domestica

This beautiful year-round evergreen shrub is truly a beauty, with red foliage that illuminates it during the spring months while clusters of white take its place during summer. Once winter rolls around the shrub is decorated in bronze-red foliage that will grow well in both shade and the sunlight. This shrub is the perfect addition to your backyard!

Hedera Helix

If you’re looking for some climbing foliage that will add some height and needed beauty to your landscape then this is a perfect choice. This ivy will grow vigorously and if you aren’t careful it may grow a little too quickly. But no need to worry, you can quickly trim away the stems that you want gone. Trim it away in the spring and you’ll be left with stunning evergreen foliage in the following months!

Iris Reticulata

Looking to add some bulbs into your garden? This one is the most beautiful that you’ll find! These plants have jaw-dropping deep blue flowers that include a yellow band and smell amazing. These don’t only look beautiful when they’re in your yard but they can also be a great addition once picked and put in your home. These can add something special to your garden that you may have been missing before!


This classic bulb is one that’s included in nearly every backyard for a reason; it’s truly beautiful. It’ll grow in shade and flourish there as well, producing a green and ivory tulip that can give some color and difference to your lawn. These will do excellent in containers and with ferns. It’s truly a beautiful flower that will have you excited to see its beauty!

Cornus Mas

No lawn is complete without including some small trees that can add to the beauty of your yard. All season you’ll be greeted with tiny yellow flowers that will adore the tree and when the trees get older they’ll get gorgeous bark in orangey-brown. This tree is like a bright ray of sunshine in your yard!

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