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Golf Resort Synthetic Chip and Drive

by | Jan 6, 2022

Although putting may be a part of the fun, it certainly isn’t all the fun. The other half of the fun is chipping, an area of golf that can really and truly improve your game! People tend to forget that when it comes to golf, it’s both simple while being extremely complicated, especially for those that are less familiar with the game. When you hear people talking about golf it usually involves talking about putting, when in reality there’s a great deal more to the game.

What many people don’t know and certainly don’t take advantage of is that they can practice their chipping right at home! Let’s see how!

Chipping In Your Backyard

Wood Composite Deck
There’s no need to take a trip to the golfing green when you can practice your chipping right in your backyard! However, those that have tried chipping in their backyard before already know the struggle of attempting to chip in their backyard, only to see chunks of grass flying every time they try. This can not only get disruptive while you’re practicing but it can also destroy your lawn and defeat the purpose of practicing your chipping and synthetic turf chip drive.

So is there a way that you can effectively practice chipping without ruining your grass?

The answer is artificial turf. It may not be the first option that comes to mind when you think about chipping, but it’s one of the best options that are available. However, it’s not quite as easy as just having your favorite artificial turf installed. There is special longer fiber artificial turf that’s made specifically with making chip shots in mind.

If you want to make sure that you get the best that is available, you want to do your research and make sure you have the ultimate option for practicing your chip shots. With all the artificial turf options that are available, it can be overwhelming when you start to look for the best option that’s offered.

If you’re not sure where to begin, let’s take a look at the best options and where you can start.

The Best Artificial Turf For Chipping

Chipping Mats

Chipping mats mimic grass, being made of synthetic material and there are a few different options depending on what type of green material you want to choose. These are great for people that want an option that’s portable and don’t have to be permanent in their backyard. Since these mats come in a variety of sizes and can be rolled up they’re easy to move, even allowing you to bring them with you to places if you’d like.

These are also a cheaper option than installing permanent artificial turf in your yard. If you just want to check out artificial turf and see what it’s like for chipping shots before you know for sure that you want a larger investment, we suggest starting with these. They’ll allow you to easily store the mats and move them around and they’re easy to replace if needed.

Permanent Artificial Chipping Green

These chipping greens are exactly as they’re described; permanent chipping greens for your yard. What’s important to note with these types of greens is that although this option is great for those that are more devoted to practicing at home since it involves a rather large process. To install a permanent artificial chipping green in your backyard you would need to clear your yard, along with changing the material under the turf and putting sand over the turf.

This type of chipping green works great since it’ll stay perfectly still while you chip and they are more appealing than mats in your yard.  However, these are only recommended for those that know they’ll get a great deal of use out of their green and are willing to commit to the process.

Will It Ruin Golf Clubs?

The question that we know is at the front of your mind; will it hurt your golf clubs if you chip on artificial turf? The answer is no, your golf clubs won’t be harmed if you use them on artificial turf anymore than they would be if they were used on natural grass. The clubs may get some cosmetic scratches, but it won’t be anything excessive and nothing worse than what you would get on the course. But the price of a few scratches may be what you pay if you want to get more practice, especially with the ease of walking out of your backyard and getting the chipping practice that you need. If you really want to sharpen your golf game and work on your skills, installing artificial turf is the perfect way to do it.

Scott Brooks

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