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Maintaining Your Synthetic Lawn

by | Mar 16, 2022

The advantages of synthetic grass over natural grass are undeniable. No mowing, edging, and trimming. No holes dug by the family dog. No infestations by weeds and insect pests. Relatively little and simple maintenance.

Properly cared for, a synthetic lawn can last up to 25 years, and within 10-15 years, the lawn pays for itself due to all the savings on traditional maintenance (it costs $2000-5000 annually to care for a natural lawn vs. only about $200 for a synthetic one). Although a synthetic lawn practically takes care of itself, there are still some steps and precautions to take in order to keep it looking its best and get it to last as long as it should.

So let’s look at these steps and tips for maintaining a synthetic lawn, and remember that even though a synthetic lawn isn’t maintenance-free, it’s still way less work and expense than a natural lawn is.

Routine Care

Dirt, debris, and leaves are still going to accumulate in synthetic grass. They aren’t likely to cause much harm, but they can still make the lawn less attractive. Clear them out regularly using a blower, brush, or sweeper. How often you have to do this will depend on location and the particular conditions, but once a week is the standard recommendation.

To keep the grass looking fresh, use a non-metal brush to keep the blades high and upright and to treat any spots where infill clumps up.

Children, Pets, and Weather

Maintaining Synthetic LawnArtificial grass is more resilient to wear and tear than natural grass is, but it’s still a basic fact that the more traffic and usage it sees, the more wear and tear there will be. Factor those things into how frequently you perform the routine care described above.

Having pets requires waste management just as a natural lawn does. Remove solid waste on a regular basis and just rinse off liquid waste occasionally to prevent residue from building up. If the lawn is going to receive a lot of pet traffic, consider something like K9Grass, which is specifically engineered for pet usage.

Extreme weather poses little threat to modern synthetic grass. However, if snow or ice accumulates, let it melt away on its own. Because they can adhere to synthetic grass, manually removing them could cause damage to the lawn.

Keep Hot Items and Flames Away

Maintaining Synthetic LawnHot items can melt or warp artificial grass. A careless moment of setting a hot grill lid down on it or letting ashes get on it can result in unsightly damage that can be costly to repair. Likewise, avoid using fireworks and other flammable items on or near the grass.

Can You Keep Heavy Items on Your Synthetic Grass?

Yes! However, you should regularly use a broom to brush the fibers back up. Brush in the opposite direction of the pile for best results. To avoid creating imprints, change the location of heavy items such as furniture and flower pots from time to time.

Preventing Damage from Reflection and Magnification

Sunlight reflected or magnified can curl or melt the fibers of artificial grass. Be careful not to expose your artificial grass to these risks. Low-E windows, reflective siding, glass tabletops, and translucent items (including some plastic toys) are among the things that can cause these issues.

Substances To Keep off the Grass

Immediately remove substances like chewing gum, sunflower seeds, and tobacco products from synthetic grass. In general, foreign substances should not be on the grass.

Should a spill occur, use a rag to wipe up as much of the substance as you can. Use water, a mild detergent, and a stiff-bristled nylon brush to clean up the rest. Keep paint away; paint spills can be very difficult to clean up.

Using Motorized Equipment and Vehicles

Lawn mowers and edgers used in places next to artificial grass can damage it if the blades come into contact with it. Use extreme care when cutting or trimming natural grass adjacent to artificial grass, and only do it if the surface is level.

In general, motorized vehicles don’t belong on synthetic grass. If there’s a need for them, exercise great caution when starting, stopping, and turning.

Repairing and Replacing Turf and Infill

Reattaching loose edges and replacing infill may sometimes be necessary. When doing so, carefully follow manufacturer recommendations for materials and procedures. Better yet, hire a qualified technician who will do the job properly.

ForeverLawn Installation and Maintenance by LandArt

Are you looking to replace your entire lawn or a section of it with synthetic grass? Are you looking for help taking care of the synthetic grass you already have?

LandArt Solutions, an industry leader in the Fayetteville region, installs top-quality ForeverLawn artificial turf and knows how to take care of it. If you’re thinking about making the switch or need some support, just get in touch with us today!

Scott Brooks

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