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Seasonal Color

by | Mar 16, 2022

You might think that your landscape is complete after you’ve finished caring for the lawn and installing the pool and fire pit. But this is where you can take advantage of adding the perfect finishing touch to your lawn with some seasonal color. There are a few things that can add a colorful and artistic touch to your lawn like annual flowers that can make a difference in your property appearance. Although many people prefer to have their seasonal flowers come up during spring when everything’s blossoming and green, the truth is that you can have color during every season.

You can watch the colors change throughout the seasons and have a landscape that keeps seasonal color in mind. Your landscape can continue to stay stunning throughout all the seasons and whether it’s spring or not, you can have gorgeous flowers throughout the year.

Here at LandArt Solutions, our team keeps in mind both your desires and preferences, as well as the climate where they’re located. Our team makes sure that you can enjoy beautiful and bright colors during every season and your lawn will always be stunning regardless of the weather.

If you’re thinking about taking your landscape to the next level (as you should!) and want to incorporate some beautiful and seasonal flowers, take a look at what seasonal colors you can incorporate into your landscape. Let’s take a look at the seasons and the colors that come along with them and what annuals you can choose!

Spring Colors

When you’re coming out of the dark and dreary winter, you’re craving some light and happy spring colors. Fortunately for you, there are limitless options when it comes to the colors that you can incorporate into your lawn. With early spring you want to make sure that you choose tough flowers that can withstand the weather in case the temps drop again. Colorful and tough annuals include pansies, alyssum, and snapdragons. These are only a few and will do well whether they’re in a pot or planted in a flower bed!

Summer Colors

When it comes to summer colors you’ve got a long list of options to explore. There are so many annuals that you can choose from that you want to get specific before you start buying. Think about where you’ll be planting them and how much fun they’ll be getting. Depending on the location and the amount of sunlight that they need, choose annuals that will do well in your climate. You want your plans to thrive and get the attention that they need and that means choosing plants that are going to get what they need. But most importantly, choose plants that you want. People get hung up on what will pair well together when you need to know if you like how they look. Have fun picking out your choices and remember that you can always opt to not include the plants next year if you don’t like them!

Fall Colors

Fall is known for the change in colors and as the days get shorter your summer annuals are going to start dying. Even when it’s colder out, there are still options for adding some fresh bits of color to your landscape. Typically fall flowers and plants are more apt to thrive in pots or containers on your deck instead of in the ground. There are a few plants that you can opt to include for your fall landscape and these include pansies, flowering kale, and asters. This should all last well throughout fall and will do fine throughout the colder temps. Don’t forget that your landscape needs attention and color during all the seasons, even the colder ones!

Winter Colors

seasonal colorAlthough you might not necessarily be able to have blooming flowers in winter, you can still have some color on your deck or patio. Some plants will thrive in winter and can add some nice color to your landscape. During this time there are a lot of holiday colors, but other than that the landscape is normally bare. Take advantage of the plants that you can add to your landscape and get some green into your gardens or pots. You can choose to add some sprigs of berries, spruce tips, or other fun plants to give some fresh life to your landscape.

We suggest taking a trip to your local garden center and exploring the range of options there. And don’t forget that house plants can thrive in winter and may just give you the color that you’re craving! See what you can find and incorporate it in your garden, pots on the patio, or in your house to add some much-needed color during the cold, dreary, and grey days!

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