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K9Grass Cost Analysis

by | Apr 8, 2022

Dogs and yards are often a complicated combination. Holes develop from digging, mud gets tracked in, waste is difficult (and smelly) to remove, and so on. It’s little wonder, then, that a lot of people are turning to artificial grass for dogs.

K9Grass is the superior option of artificial grass for dogs on the market. It’s safe and durable for all types of play, it’s easy to clean (it also has built-in antimicrobials), it looks great, and it lasts for several years.

The trouble for some people is justifying the cost. Anything engineered to be functional and durable for years the way K9Grass is, will consist of high-quality materials. It isn’t going to be cheap. Then there’s also the cost of professional installation.

Depending on the exact options you go with, the turf product is going to cost between $7 and $9.50 per square foot. With installation, that will increase to $12-17 per square foot. For smaller yards, the cost per square foot is higher due to fixed costs.

Is it worth it? Of course, it is! After a K9Grass cost analysis that examines the benefits, we’ve found that unless you’re using the property for just a few years, the grass will actually pay for itself over time because of maintenance costs saved and, for commercial operations, increased business. For facilities, it has been found that labor is saved by not having to bathe muddy dogs after outdoor play. Let’s look at those benefits from the perspectives of the two groups most likely to consider a switch to K9Grass: residential pet owners and operators of kennels, doggy daycare centers, and veterinarians.

K9Grass Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis of K9Grass for Dog Owners

Artificial grass saves homeowners time and money they would be spending on lawn maintenance and cleaning up after their dogs.

Consider these savings and other benefits.

  • No more mowing, watering, seeding, weeding, etc. when your valuable tome could be spent tending to other tasks. Properly installed and cared for, K9Grass requires very little maintenance.
  • Say “goodbye” to paying a lawn-care company to do all of the above for you. This is the primary way that the turf pays for itself over the years.
  • See reduced water bills.
  • The durability allows you to get rid to holes in the yard that are unsightly and can cause tripping. You will not have to worry about mud and excessive dirt getting in the house and you will see a reduction of bugs in the yard and on the dog.
  • Liquid waste drains through the turf, and solid waste is easy to remove. With built-in antimicrobials that prohibit odor causing microorganisms from living in the turf, clean up becomes a lot more pleasant. The turf is easy to clean with just a quick water rinse from a hose.

It’s easy to figure out the monetary savings you’ll get with K9 Grass. Once you factor in the value of your time, the benefits justify the costs even more.

Cost Analysis of K9Grass for Commercial Operations

If you’re running a shelter, doggy daycare, kennel, or other commercial operation that involves providing a place for dogs to stay, you get all of the above benefits plus the following:

  • Because it’s so durable and easy to clean, K9Grass will last much longer under heavy usage than natural grass will. That saves your business money.
  • K9Grass is allergen-free, so it’s healthier for pets (and people).
  • It’s also safer because dogs won’t be finding possibly harmful foreign objects to chew on or to swallow.
  • Dogs stay cleaner, which makes their owners happy at pickup time. This makes them more likely to come back and to recommend you.
  • Since K9Grass is cleaner and safer, it also helps you justify a reasonable price increase that can pay for the materials and installation.
  • The increased safety means fewer liability risks due to injuries.
  • And because it looks great, it makes a positive impression on current and prospective customers.

It’s clear from this costs analysis that after factoring in the benefits of K9Grass, it’s a great investment that will save money and work over time. If you think your home or facility might benefit from K9Grass, talk to us about options and a quote!


Scott Brooks

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