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Synthetic Turf for Your Batting Cage

by | Jul 8, 2022

When you’re installing a batting cage, whether at home or at a sports complex, you need something under the batters’ feet that’s going to last.

With all the use that the batting cage is going to get, natural grass isn’t going to do the trick. Sure, it will work, but you’re going to be reseeding it every year, and whenever it rains, cleats are going to churn it up into a muddy mess.

That’s why for baseball programs from the Major League all the way to local kids’ organizations, artificial turf is the surface of choice for batting cages. It looks great, it’s easy to maintain, it lasts a long time, and it protects the ground beneath it.

Turf Options

When it’s dark out at night, you can barely see a few feet in front of you and it can be dangerous when you’re going down the stairs. It can be dangerous to take the stairs when it’s pitch black and you can risk injuring yourself if you aren’t careful. The best way to avoid injuries and make sure that your backyard is safe for everyone is by lighting up the steps. Light up the raisers or trends to make sure that you have the ultimate safety in your space.

Light The Pathways

First, some basics about turf: Most synthetic turf consists of nylon or poly materials. Nylon lasts longer and is resistant to spikes, so that’s something to keep in mind when determining the usage and footwear the turf will see. The thicker the turf, the more durable it will be. Artificial turf also contains infill, materials between the grass blades that help the grass blades stand up or return to their original position after use.

When you’re going to install synthetic turf, you have some choices about how to do it.

Turf rolls typically come in lengths of 12 to 15 feet, but they can be cut to other sizes. For covering larger surfaces, turf rolls are a good bet.

Since we’re talking about turf in the context of batting cages, you might consider padded turf, which is great for them. Padded turf is safer, more comfortable under the feet, and less likely to produce a ricochet. If you have a concrete pad, you almost have to use padded turf because anything else will be like having no turf at all.

For the batter’s box itself, which sees the most wear, turf mats make a lot of sense. A turf mat is a smaller piece of turf that you can install in specific spots. Since the batter’s box gets more wear than the rest of the cage does, a turf mat makes replacement easier and less expensive.

Used turf: This option is becoming more available. As the name says, it’s turf that’s seen prior use. Sometimes there are tears, worn spots, and markings. It isn’t always pretty. However, it can be a good choice for batting cages because it’s less expensive and the surface is supposed to be functional, not there to wow everyone. There’s also the satisfaction of knowing there’s less waste in landfills.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf

For batting cages and many other applications, synthetic turf has several advantages over natural grass.

  • It’s more durable.
  • It’s easier to maintain. No mowing, fertilizing, reseeding, and so on. You’re saving not only time and effort but on maintenance costs as well.
  • You’re also cutting down on resource consumption since you don’t have to water it.
  • No muddy spots when it rains, and drainage is better.
  • No rocks or other natural features that can contribute to accidents and injuries.
  • It has a natural look and feel and is very comfortable for both pets and people.
  • Turfs engineered for pet use are easy to clean and have built-in odor control.
  • Turfs engineered for sports fields, playgrounds, and wet areas are safer and more slip-resistant.

Making Your Turf Last

Follow all manufacturer recommendations to make your turf last as long as it can and look great the whole time.

Here are some other tips specific to turf in batting cages:

  • To improve drainage, you can punch holes into the turf.
  • By installing crushed rock as the base, you’ll help water flow through the turf better and down into the rock and soil beneath it.
  • You can make a slight hump in the middle of the base. This is called crowning, and it will help with water runoff by diverting water from the middle.
  • Are you installing turf over a concrete pad? To keep the turf in place, you can glue it down.

LandArt Solutions for Expert Turf Installation

As part of its many services, LandArt solutions offers expert turf installation. With us, you’ll have peace of mind from knowing you’ll get a high-quality product and a job done right.

When we install turf for your batting cage, we’ll use industry-leading SportsGrass from ForeverLawn. However, that’s not the only application for synthetic turf. It’s also great for lawns, poolside areas, playgrounds, putting greens, and more.

If you think synthetic turf might be a solution for your batting cage or anything else, get in touch to talk details!

LandArt Solutions

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