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Natural Wood Pros & Cons

by | Dec 22, 2022

For a variety of reasons, natural wood is a highly desirable element in outdoor living spaces such as decking, furniture, pergolas, and siding. That doesn’t mean it comes without any disadvantages, though. The fact that there are some cons doesn’t make natural wood a bad choice; it just means that you should understand the natural wood pros & cons before deciding it’s the right choice for you.


A deck is an outdoor space where you’ll want to spend a lot of time, so you’ll want it to be beautiful and durable. Your most common choices will be natural wood, composite decking that resembles wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Pros of Wood Decking:

  • It has a great natural look.
  • More common wood types like pine are usually readily available.
  • Unless you go with redwood or an exotic wood type, wood is typically cheaper than other options.

Cons of Wood Decking:

  • It requires more maintenance, which can make it more costly over time.
  • Weathering can cause color changes, warping, and cracking.


You’ll want outdoor furniture to look great and also be comfortable, and there are certainly many ways to accomplish that with natural wood.

Pros of Wood Outdoor Furniture:

  • Wood furniture has a natural and rustic look.
  • Under proper care, it wears well.
  • Wood doesn’t get as hot under the sun as metal and plastic do.

Cons of Wood Outdoor Furniture:

  • Wood is among the more expensive material options and requires more maintenance.
  • Furniture oil and other finishes are needed sothe wood will keep its original color instead of fading.
  • It’s susceptible to damage from water and cold, which is why some people store wood furniture inside over the winter, meaning extra work and possible space issues.


Few things add function and beauty to a property the way pergolas do. For most people adding one, the choice is between wood and metal, usually aluminum. Once again, the choice really comes down to things like cost, durability, and maintenance.

Pros of Wood Pergolas

  • Wood adds a warm, natural feel to outdoor spaces.
  • You can paint and repaint on natural wood, changing or keeping colors as you please.
  • When you need professional maintenance, it’s easy to find someone skilled at working with wood.

Cons of Wood Pergolas

  • Like other wooden landscaping structures, wooden pergolas require a lot of maintenance such as annual painting, staining, and checking for rot and other damage.
  • Natural wood is less durable than aluminum is.
  • Due to the heavier weight of wood, natural wood pergolas are almost always static in form and function whereas lighter aluminum pergolas can be adjusted for varying amounts of sun, shade, and breeze.


Siding not only protects your home but also plays a huge role in establishing tone and character. Wood, brick, stucco, aluminum, and vinyl are some of the most common types.

Pros of Wood Siding

  • Choices of colors and stains are almost limitless.
  • Since wood is a renewable resource, it’s a more environmentally friendly option than some of the alternatives.
  • Maintained well, wood siding lasts for decades.
  • Many different styles are available.
  • Because wood siding is considered upscale, it adds value to a home.

Cons of Wood Siding

  • Again, wood requires a lot of annual maintenance, and wood siding is no exception. This includes annual cleaning to remove dust and mildew.
  • Wood is more at risk of rot, cracking, warping, and termite damage.
  • Wood is also more susceptible to fire.

LandArt Solutions: Your Partner in Landscaping

Ultimately, whether or not to go with wood in your landscaping depends on a lot of different factors all covered above. One thing you can do is consult a pro like LandArt Solutions to help determine if natural wood is the best choice for your needs and budget.

From conception to installation, our expert team will work with you every step of the way. Let’s see what you need!

Matthew Horn

Vice President of LandArt solutions since 2008, Matt Horn brings unrivaled experience and training to his work. Matt has multiple certifications from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and in stormwater management that cover installation, maintenance, and inspection. Among his specialties is the installation of residential and permeable pavers and retaining walls, but his quiver contains many more skills. These include landscape design and renovation, green building, site planning, drainage solutions, and many more. Matt’s experience in landscape design includes but is hardly limited to patios, turf (natural and synthetic), hardscaping, lighting, and irrigation. As an influential part of LandArt deeply invested in its success, reputation, and client satisfaction, Matt has played a principal role in adding beauty, function, and value to multitudes of North Carolina homes and businesses.

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