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Top 3 Backyard Essentials You Need This Season

by | Feb 18, 2023

Although it’s still winter, it isn’t too early to start thinking about ways to enhance your backyard spaces for maximum enjoyment during the upcoming outdoor months. There are all kinds of possibilities you can do with your landscaping, and they range from simple to complex, but there are really 3 backyard essentials that we see are the most in demand and we think deliver the best value both for the money and in function. Those top 3 backyard essentials are fire features, water features, and night lighting.

Fire Features

Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire with friends or family on a beautiful night? Whether it’s for warmth or ambience or both, it’s hard to beat an outdoor fire.

Many people have an outdoor grill of some type, but that’s not what we usually mean by a fire feature. The most common fire features are outdoor fireplaces and outdoor fire pits.

An outdoor fireplace can be the centerpiece of an outdoor living space. For example, you can add a fireplace to a covered patio and then, with furniture and other accessories, turn it into an entertainment space for parties, watching movies, and eating dinner while sheltered from wind and rain.

Outdoor fire pits offer unmatched versatility since they can go almost anywhere where they don’t present a fire hazard or run afoul of local regulations. With an outdoor fire pit, you can cook, hang out on a chilly night, entertain guests after dark, and more.

Although fireplaces and fire pits are the most popular fire features, they’re not the only ones. As an example, you can make a dramatic effect on mood with a fire feature beside a pool or accenting another water feature.


Water Features

Speaking of water features, they are other highly desirable backyard essentials. While pools may most commonly come to mind, they are far from the only available water features. A hot tub is another if space or budget doesn’t allow for a pool or if the swimming season just isn’t long enough to justify it. Additionally, you can install a fountain, pool, or a bubbler; consider something like a sculpture or fire feature at the center of a fountain or pool. Prefer something with a more natural look? Try a stream, fish pond, or waterfall to replicate the soothing sounds of water in nature.


Night Lighting

Everybody’s heard of lighting for the front porch and the driveway to add some extra security, but what about out back?

In addition to added security, night lighting plays other useful roles. One is quite simply extending the hours you can enjoy your outdoor spaces whether it’s hosting an event, eating outside after dark, or spending some quiet time outside with a loved one. Another is accentuating or highlighting impressive features such as trees, sculptures, and columns. Worried about wasting money on power bills? Use timers or motion sensors so that the lights are only on when you want them to be!

Contact LandArt for Your Backyard Essentials

Are you ready to add function and value to your backyard with these and other backyard essentials like pergolas, concrete pavers, and more? LandArt Solutions brings more than 20 years of industry experience to the job, and we work with you from start to finish, from design to end product, so that you end up with your desired result: an outdoor living space you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.

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Matthew Horn

Vice President of LandArt solutions since 2008, Matt Horn brings unrivaled experience and training to his work. Matt has multiple certifications from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and in stormwater management that cover installation, maintenance, and inspection. Among his specialties is the installation of residential and permeable pavers and retaining walls, but his quiver contains many more skills. These include landscape design and renovation, green building, site planning, drainage solutions, and many more. Matt’s experience in landscape design includes but is hardly limited to patios, turf (natural and synthetic), hardscaping, lighting, and irrigation. As an influential part of LandArt deeply invested in its success, reputation, and client satisfaction, Matt has played a principal role in adding beauty, function, and value to multitudes of North Carolina homes and businesses.

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