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Drainage & Irrigation Services 

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Innovative Drainage Solutions.

A crucial, yet sometimes overlooked, component of your landscape design is drainage. If your space does not have the proper channels to filter excess water away, the sod and plant material will suffer. Poor drainage can result from areas with a high water table, flat surfaces, or too-dense soil conditions. Couple these concerns with heavy rainfall, and your landscape may be in for a soaking surprise.
This can be a problem in high-water areas or if there’s too much soil on flat surfaces which causes excess water buildup during heavy rainstorms that damage plants and cause themorer than usual growth rate problems because they’re not able get rid of all the moisture quickly enough without being damaged by it

Irrigation System Maintenance

Landart Solutions solves these issues before they become a problem!

To keep your property dry and damage-free, our team may change landscape grades, raise bed heights, install water collection or harvesting systems, or create customized drainage solutions. These custom drainage solutions prevent water buildup from harming your landscape.

Our team specializes not just on solving issues but preventing them before they happen by providing customized solutions such as raising beds higher than usual so rainwater runs off instead landing directly onto soil which could cause erosion over long periods.

Permeable Pavers work great for Commercial Projects.

For our commercial clients, permeable pavers are a common solution for drainage concerns. This hardscaping option provides a water collection system for your property. Stormwater drains through the paver into the soil below, filtering harmful sediments and controlling water runoff.

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