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Government Landscape Management Services

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Government Landscape Management Services

If you are a military-based facility or government entity in need of landscape services, Landart Solutions is your premier, full-service landscape services provider. We can manage all of your landscape design and construction needs with our signature attention to detail. Our experts keep your streetscapes and buildings looking beautiful throughout every season.



Luxurious Looks

Whether you have a new landscape project or need a renovation, Landart Solutions creates inviting and functional spaces for your government property. We use the highest-quality plant material and meticulous installations to keep your landscaping looking beautiful for many years to come.

Our grounds management team will maintain your outdoor space, and make it look well kept at all times. We carefully prune plant material and strategically edge beds, among a full list of landscape maintenance services.

Government Landscape Services

Drainage & Irrigation

Proactive Water Solutions

Before we even begin a project, our specialists evaluate your property for any drainage issues. We put the proper systems in place to ensure that your space is dry and damage-free.

If you are looking to install an irrigation system, our turnkey solutions ensure you have a licensed contractor to complete the job. With our innovative irrigation solutions, you can conserve water while guaranteeing your plant material has the right balance of water to survive.

Government Landscape Services

Seed & Sod

Lush Lawns

We offer high-quality seed and sod options to give your property a facelift. Our skilled lawn care technicians will install and nurture your grass into lush, green lawns. If you are looking for a low-maintenance alternative, Landart Solutions provides and installs ForeverLawn turf applications as well.

Government Landscape Services

Erosion Control

Protective Measures

Our highly-effective erosion control applications mitigate potential soil-loss problems for your property. We safely redirect or capture water before it negatively impacts your site and plant growth.

Stormwater BMP Maintenance

Certified Oversight

Landart Solutions is a Certified Stormwater BMP (Best Management Practices) Inspection and Maintenance provider. Our specially trained and qualified technicians monitor your BMP structures. We proactively manage the site to keep it aligned with federal and state requirements for stormwater maintenance.

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If you're in the Fayetteville, NC or surrounding area and you're looking to improve or renovate any part of your landscaping, LandArt Solutions is the EASY SOLUTION. Our over 20 years of landscaping experience has served the region through residential, commercial and government landscape projects. Our team of professionals is ready to help you find the best solution to your landscaping project, and we're happy to provide a quote for your project!