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ForeverLawn of the Carolinas

Premium Synthetic Grass

Landart Solutions only uses the highest quality materials, and ForeverLawn Premium Synthetic Grass is the best!

As a licensed dealer, ForeverLawn of the Carolinas, we design, install, and maintain artificial turf for a variety of applications including: landscaping, pet areas, playgrounds, pool decks, golf greens, and sports fields throughout the Fayetteville, and surrounding region. Our installs span from Winston-Salem to the eastern coast of NC.

ForeverLawn Synthetic Grass is Safe

Landart Solutions uses ForeverLawn Artificial Grass for its safety features. With over 20 diverse products, you can choose your synthetic lawn can have little to no infill, special drainage features for cleanliness, variegated grass blades for a low-slip surface, antimicrobial properties, and anti-static qualities specifically designed for those with disabilities.

Synthetic Grass is Cost Effective

With low-maintenance artificial grass, you free your money or time usually spent mowing the lawn, repairing yard equipment, adjusting the sprinkler system, or spraying costly fertilizers. Synthetic grass simplifies your life!


Natural-Looking Beauty in Synthetic Turf

ForeverLawn offers the most realistic synthetic grass on the market. It is engineered with a tan thatch and fine blades for a more natural turf appearance. Thanks to the resilient blade structure and dense construction, this artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing!

Synthetic Grass with ForeverLawn of the Carolinas

Save yourself worry and money by installing beautiful ForeverLawn Artificial Grass for your home or business. Contact us today to learn how we can help!


ForeverLawn synthetic grass is just as beautiful as natural grass but green all through the year. It’s safe for pets and children and provides a lower cost in the long-term because of its low maintenance.

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